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Rx Jump Ropes

Just ordered my Custom RX Jump Rope - FULL CUSTOMIZATION//color, rope weight and height. Order extra weighted ropes to change out as your technique improves.


Ropes as Rx - Custom Jump Ropes are a great tool to increase your your overall fitness. Once you're good a single unders then it's time to learn double unders at Dynasty Crossfit.


Tickle Me Pink - Custom Rx jump rope... waaaant! Thinking pink handles with green or blue cables, or vice versa. Someday I'll treat myself!

RX Jump Ropes – Mit dem richtigen Springseil zum Doubleunders Rekord | Sports Insider Magazin

RX Smart Gear | WODshop RX Jump Rope SPECIAL EDITION - Purple/Black - U.S. Orders Only

The special edition purple/black rx jump rope is customized to your height and experience. Great for CrossFit® beginners who are learning double unders!


Rx Jump Ropes

Rx Jump Rope in Purple Reign - custom built, choose cable type, color, and length