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This is SO important! Such a great approach to raising sons! And I love how she shows that it's a win-win for both mom and son. ~ Club31Women

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11 Great talking point for parents to share with their tweens and teens. It's not just the 'wild' kids who are sexting.

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“Teen Mom” Series Will Focus on Ryan Edwards Parents Teen Mom will focus on Ryan

When we have that first baby, we're full of hope and joy. But gradually, insecurity and overwhelmed weariness creeps in. Help is available! This post gives some great resources for moms as they seek to raise their children well.

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Would your kids say you yell a lot? A recent survey says so. Do you struggle with anger at home, but have a happy face you put on when you go out? You are not alone. It's more common than you think. But as a mom, there is something you can do about your anger. Read these practical steps you can take to be a happier mom at home. Don't let anger destroy your family.

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