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Russia to Deliver Four S-300 Missile Complexes to Belarus by Year's End: Defense Minister

Русија даје Ирану најмодернију верзију ПВО система С-300 Русија ће испоручити Ирану најмодернију верзију противракетног система С-300, рекао је данас ирански министар одбране Хусеин Дехкан. Према његовим речима противракетни систем, који треба да буде испоручен

Israel says will act to prevent S-300 missile systems from becoming operational Netanyahu tells European foreign ministers that if the Russian missile systems get into Syria, Israel's 'entire airspace will become a no-fly zone' and therefore it 'cannot stand idly by.'


Video: Russia To Take Down Any Airplane Or Missile Targeting Syrian Army. No U.S. Aircraft Would be Immune from S-300-S400 Air Defense Batteries: Russian Ministry of Defense -


Yesterday morning we reported that in immediate retaliation for the US threat that the Pentagon may launch air strikes against the Assad regime in the latest and most dramatic escalation in the Syrian proxy war in years, Russia’s Defense Ministry said that a battery of Russian S-300 air defense missile launchers has been transported to Syria. As Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said, “the Syrian Arab Republic received an S-300 anti-aircraft missile system. This system is…

Russian S-300 missile launcher. I think, minus the missiles, this would make one heck of an RV... adapt a trailer to the back! (Photo: Anton/ Wiki Commons)


An S-300 air-defense missiles launcher, left, and a S-300 missiles guidance station -- Putin ends ban on delivery of S-300 missile system to Iran - Embargo no longer needed due to progress in nuclear talks between Iran and world powers, Russian foreign minister says.

from BBC News

Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile system delivery to Iran

Russia lifts ban on S-300 missile system delivery to Iran - Source - BBC News - © 2014 BBC #Russia, #Iran, #S3OO, #World

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