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from Dis411

Sabrina Carpenter Announced Her New Album “Evolution” & Release Date


Sabrina Carpenter is coming up with a new album in five days(Tuesday;1\13\15) Im looking forward to her album. I just learned about it today. I was on the kindle and I saw this under breaking news on radio disney. Plus this picture is awesome. I can't wait!!!!!! I'll post the music video later


EVOLution. The name of her new album... It's AWESOME. Notice that the beginning in capitals spells LOVE backwards. Also it's if you CAN'T run, hide.


HEY GUYS PLS FOLLOW ME KELLY M.C, AND I WILL FOLLOW U BACK THX!!!!!!! ALSO FOLLOW SABRINA CARPENTER TOO!!! Her official account is SABRINA Carpenter✔️. Sabrina Carpenter is so amazing and shines bright as a role Model for all of us. she is so beautiful and talented and let no one tell her otherwise!!! WE ALL LUV YOU AND SUPPORT YOU SABRINA!!!!!!!!! And guys if you haven't seen Sabrina Carpenters new song 'On Purpose' pls go see it!!! It is so awesome just like all of her songs!!