Well, that's it.. Im sad and lonely.. Haha not to lonely though, I don't like to sleep alot!

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I understand this one all too well. The Narcissist/Sociopath doesn't feel the need to be present in the marriage/relationship. While you are left to raise the children, work, maintain the home & cater to his/her every demand, he/she is out having their good time and concerned only about his/her self. Your needs and desires come only after his/hers has been met......if then.

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I'm So Lonely...: Facebook Sad and Lonely Cover Pictures

death depression sad suicidal suicide lonely pain hurt alone broken fat self harm hopeless self hate cut cutting ugly die dying empty useless worthless self destruction numb razor blade pathetic unloved

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my life, my heartbreak..today, right here, right now...and I feel like I want to die over this?? How fucked up is THAT??? would some one PLEASE just shoot me and put me out of my misery?? SERIOUSLY.

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