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Type 1 diabetes: Gut microbiota networks may influence autoimmune processes

Sad face, it was at this point in my literacy history that I started not to like to write because of what we were being made to write. had we gotten to stay with fiction i would have been happy, but i didnt like essays.


2011 Pulitzer Prize Winners for Breaking News Photography

...sorrow | When I draw a character, very often as I'm doing a face, my face mirrors the expression. Matthew Ashford


His eyes tell all, he has gone through a hard life! Looks like a wise man!


Conclusion Over powering when opening the bottle Had to double up on dose to smell on wet washing Drying - could smell and was pleasant Ironing - non existent Storing and wearing - could not smell Very disappointed


tears...sometimes you just gotta cry it out and let the healing process begin.....THAT'S RIGHT.....LET IT BEGIN.....I'VE ALWAYS SAID THAT TEARS ARE THE ANTI-FREEZE OF THE SOUL......LET IT OUT....HAVE A GOOD CRY,...YOU'LL FEEL BETTER......NEVER BE ASHAMED TO CRY.....NEVER

Cry like a child. They don't care what it makes them look like weak, scared, helpless etc. It really just lets others know they need help for the simplest things. That they were helpless or maybe they didn't even know why they were crying, but they cried and someone came running to help.