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This reminds me of Sally. She was trapped by her father and then trapped again when she gets married. She is looking out a window at the world around her that she will never get to live in.


"Keep your eyes closed," he said, as he moved away from her, slowly. She heard something fall, and he cursed silently. "Are you alright?" She asked him. He smiled at the sight of her, he still didn't know why she liked him, but she did. "Yeah, I'm fine just keep your eyes closed."


I saw the blood and broke down. No wonder he didn't want me to see it. The memories were too horrible. I sank to the ground and covered my mouth, preventing a scream. I turned and looked at the open door. He wasn't outside. I prayed he was alright. After 10 minutes, I saw him running back. "Gabs, I told you to stay upstairs." He whispered when I noticed he was bleeding. I was too weak to move. Even though he was hurt, he pick me up and carried me to my bed. This is why I loved him.

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How to Recognize Emotional Abuse

We usually recognize physical abuse because it often leaves external marks: bruises, broken bones, wounds, gashes or disfiguration. Because such abuse tends to be objectively identifiable, we’re no...