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Safety Moment Topics

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An A-Z List of Safety Topics Meant for the Workplace

#Running and #runnersafety are two topics dear to my heart. Read my 8 tips for proper #runner safety


Funny Moments Cats With Kids [Funny Cats Videos Collection] How to Make Cats and Kids to Getting Along By [ Popa It is about time that you decided to enrich your lives by adding a new feline member to your family. Consider the following steps to make sure that you your kids and cat have a healthy relationship: Opt for the Right Cat Families should go for a cat at least 4 months old which is extra sociable. Refrain from apprehensive cats and those that do not like to…

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10 Tool Safety Tips for Kids

The Self-Reliant Kid: Teach Tool Safety Early...and let them use tools their whole life. Not only does it teach them valuable skills, it makes awesome bondable moments for you and them | Mom with a PREP

Dear Esteemed Colleagues:"Hands Are For..." is a descriptive and illustrated pro-social, school safety and peace-teaching poem that competed for and won the National Library of Poetry's "Editor's Award". Glowingly reviewed by major media, including the Los Angeles Times (columnist Al Martinez), this poem has been praised and singled-out as an inspirational "teachable moment" matching positive and pro-social behavior with zany, fun-inspired rhymes.

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Review: Kids Who Know

For the last week, our boys have been using Kids Who Know. This online program teaches children essential life lessons on acceptable social values and practical safety skills. Covering 20 topics with fun and engaging lessons, children are given the knowledge to be able to access situations and make the right decisions.   By completing this …