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Excellent reference and lesson plan from the National Fire Protection Agency on Stop, Drop and Roll and other fire safety precautions. Perfect for Daisy Safety Award and fire safety in general.

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Safety tips and precautions that will help your family stay safe when you travel. These are lessons we learned the hard way. Please share.

Travel Safety tips I think a little pre-trip googling would have made me more cautious. We were overconfident and even cocky. Learn from our mistake and don’t be overconfident. Like the decoy wallet idea

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How To: 9 DIY Ways to Painlessly Remove Splinters from Your Skin

7/29/13 the baking soda TOTALLY worked! The deep splinter actually worked its way out completely on its own over the course of a few hours. I pulled off the bandaid and the splinter was sitting on my skin a bit away from the hole.

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Firefighter Coloring Pages - Free Printables

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Dry Ice Experiment

Dry Ice Experiment: ridiculously cool (sorry, couldn't resist) and something that will amaze your kids. And a perfect science experience to go along with Halloween. #science #experiment #kids


It's not a coincidence that the season for extended daylight and outdoor activity is also the season for broken bones and accidental injuries. Summer vacation means many children are heading outdoors to play on the playground or participate in their favorite sports. Make sure you know how to keep your child playing safe. #childrensatl

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Chemistry Lab: Understanding the Mole Concept

<strong> Lab: Understanding the Mole Concept Suitable for chemistry and physical science students in grades 9 - 12.</strong> This is a very simple, but very reliable lab that introduces the mole concept. <strong>Purpose: </strong>To understand the meaning of the term "mole" and to enable students to gain a better understanding as to the size of a mole. <strong>Introduction:</strong> Iron filings will react with copper (II) sulfate in a one to one ratio. The number of moles of iron…