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SHTF Life Hacks | Secret Prepper Tip List — We definitely have to think outside of the box and exercise some improvisation skills when we’re prepping for SHTF, and it helps to get tips and tutorials from others who have figured out some hacks themselves.

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12 Survival Hacks Using Just Leaves — When in a survival situation pretty much anything and everything can be upcycled into something that can aide you in surviving. Over at Creek shows us 12 survival hacks that we can use just by using leaves.

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Classroom Posters and Resources for Teaching Students about Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

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12 Genius Rainwater Collection Tips – Yes You Need Them! — If you’re homesteading or prepping, you already know that securing a dependable source of water can be a challenge. When you’re off the grid, or getting ready for the day that we’re all off the grid, Collecting rainwater is a great option, and Survival Life has several tips on safe, efficient ways to do this.

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Genius Sundial that Displays Time Like a Digital Clock — If you’re already living off the grid, or you’re prepping for the day you have to live off the grid, you’re going to have to improvise in a lot of things.

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Keeping Kids Tech Safe

Great infographic on how to keep elementary school kids tech-safe, including internet safety, online security and technology rules for families! Something all parents need to know!

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17 Basic Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know

17 Basic Wilderness Survival Skills Everyone Should Know - Thrifty Outdoors ManThrifty Outdoors Man | Outdoors Blog

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Dog First Aid Kit For Your Canine Companion

dog-leg-wrapped Dog First Aid Kit For Your Canine Companion

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office safety tips | Office Safety Poster By Parka On Deviantart wallpaper

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