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Sago Palm (Cycas Revoluta) - Zone 7b-11 Full Shade to Full Sun. Cold hardy. Slow growing-could take 70-100 years to reach maximum height of 7-10ft. This tree (a cycad-not a palm) is known to be among the oldest plants on earth, unchanged for millions of years. Moderate water, well drained soil.

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How to Dig Up a Sago Palm

Not a true palm, the sago palm (Cycas revoluta) hails from Japan produces frond-like leaves. This evergreen grows in Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10. A poisonous plant, ...

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Mine aren't this big but I have really nice size one on our deck. I grew it from a seed from my aunt's tree.

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A large Sago Palm...I have several of these and were the beginning of my love for Palm trees (even though this isn't technically a Palm)

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Sago palm aren't ever touched by deer. They are evergreen in the south, will come back after freezing if the roots don't freeze. They 'make babies' you split off with a shovel and replant. GREAT plant!

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Sago palm care is easy. The king sago palm tree [Potting Soil Cycad Revoluta] a popular landscape and houseplant not actually a palm but a cycad. LEARN MORE #fal #spr #sum

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