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A List of More Descriptive Words for "Said"...I still like the word said, because it's accurate.


I don't quite believe that 'said is dead,' because the nice thing about 'said' is that it is practically invisible. If used correctly, it doesn't get in the way. Soooo... I wouldn't go around replacing all of my 'saids' with words from this list, but I do think that it is good for a writer to grow their vocabulary as much as possible so at least they have a choice to use something other than the boring 'said.'


Instead Of Using Said Here Are Some Alternatives

This is true (and helpful!) in some cases, but at times, the other words draw too much attention to themselves and less to the actual dialogue. Try to let the dialogue and the punctuation itself show the reader /how/ it is being said.


Having Fun With Fluency! Part 2

"Said" is Dead - You might notice that your readers may start to point out other types of punctuation now that you've made them aware of it. Great! Work on quotation marks next, and ask students to change their voice to sound like the characters. Linking this lesson back to tracking the moods in the story may be helpful. Just switch out moods with character traits and evidence. You may also want to draw attention to certain words in the text that describe the way in which the characters…

Please stick with 'said'. It works. Ignore the posts that give you 50 ways to say 'said'.

Please stick with 'said'. It works. Ignore the posts that give you 50 ways to say 'said'.