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We didn't save it, we brought it back from the dead. This fandom should be called the Lazarus Pit.


Knight of St. Lazarus 1200 AD. The Knights of Saint Lazarus were involved in many notable battles. At the great debacle of the Christian forces at Acre in 1291 every knight of the Order present was slain, as a consequence of which the Pope agreed that, to ensure the future of the Order, Grand Masters need not themselves be afflicted with leprosy.


Knight of the order of St Lazarus. The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (Ordo Militaris et Hospitalis Sancti Lazari Hierosolymitani) is an order of chivalry originally founded at a leper hospital after 1098 by the crusaders of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. It was established to treat leprosy. The original symbol of the order was a green cross. This was in later centuries changed to a green eight-pointed Maltese Cross. djk


The burial tomb of Lazarus of Bethany, the subject of a prominent miracle performed by Jesus in chapter 11 of the Gospel of John, in which Jesus restores him to life four days after his death. Each of Jesus' seven signs illustrates some particular aspect of his divine authority; the Raising of Lazarus exemplifies his power over death. The ancient steps leading from the tomb are the steps Lazarus walked up to meet Jesus in John 11:43-44.