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Salamander Facts

Did you know that the word salamander means fire lizard in Greek language? Go through this article for some interesting facts about these amphibians.

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Facts About Salamanders

Salamanders are amphibians that look like a cross between a frog and a lizard. Species include newts, mudpuppies and hellbenders.

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Weird Walking Fish Is A Living Link To A Key Moment In Evolution

The fish, found in Thailand, is called Cryptotora thamicola, and the way it can walk and climb is unlike any other known fish. In fact, it moves almost like a salamander, Soares and her fellow researchers wrote in the journal Nature Scientific Reports. They believe this fish may be a living link to a key moment in evolution, when finned creatures of the sea became the limbed creatures of the land.

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Fahrenheit 451

The hound is the most known interpretation of the Salamander. Based on the myth that the salamander was a fiery being fits with the fact that the hound was a fiery animal. When Bradbury was writing the book there is a good chance that he wanted the hound to be his interpretation of an actual salamander from the myths.


Axolotl Awareness - The Axolotl is a Mexican neotenic mole salamander. The term "neotenic" refers to the fact that these salamanders reach sexual maturity without undergoing metamorphosis, as most other salamanders do. They are unable to transform due to a lack of thyroid stimulating hormone. So happy looking. :D


Your next pet? The sweet-faced axolotl looks almost like a made up creature. But he is, in fact, a very real kind of salamander. The axolotl is taking up residence in more and more human homes -- happy in a large, cool, gravel-bottomed tank where his owners can observe his activities.

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Mary Queen Of Scots: ‘Reign’ Stars Separate Historical Fact From Fiction

Mary Queen Of Scots: %u2018Reign%u2019 Stars Separate Historical Fact From�Fiction

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Visit This One Little Known Arkansas River For The Time Of Your Life

You may come across the rare Ozark Hellbender. These guys have a scary name, but they’re actually harmless salamanders.


Salamandre aka Salamander represents those who pass through the fires of passion and of this world without stain. Therefore, it stands for chastity, loyalty, impartiality, virginity, courage, Jesus, Mary, and the faithful.