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from History of Massachusetts

The Petition to Free Rebecca Nurse

Petition to free Rebecca Nurse .. Her father was my 11xgg-father, and a lot of those who signed this petition (along with her accusers) are in my family tree.


Salem Witch Trials

Salem witch trials: The LYNCHING of Women whose land people in power wanted to take. Or... a woman who used herbs to cure, was a midwife, was older, was unfamiliar. Women were hung for having cats. - We'd all be on fire these days.


In 1692, Salem was divided into two distinct parts: Salem Town and Salem Village. Salem Village (also referred to as Salem Farms) was actually part of Salem Town but was set apart by its economy, class, and character. Residents of Salem Village were mostly poor farmers who made their living cultivating crops in the rocky terrain. Salem Town, on the other hand, was a prosperous port town at the center of trade with London. Most of those living in Salem Town were wealthy merchants.