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Sarah Osborne (also variously spelled Osbourne, Osburne, or Osborn) (c. 1643–May 10, 1692) was one of the first three women to be accused of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials of 1692. Osborne is sometimes referred to as "Goody Osborne", Goody being short for "Goodwife" and at the time a form of address for old women of lowly social status.


Do you have a connection to the Salem witch trials of 1692? How do you know? Here are some resources for finding out, and for tracing your Salem witch ancestry...

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Salem Witch Trials Aftermath 1711 - Reversing the Attainders: Reversing the Attainders on Convicted Witches 1711

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The trial of George Burroughs in Salem during 1692 was unique in that Burroughs was the only minister accused, tried and convicted of witchcraft in the Salem witch trials. Though speculation exists as to Burroughs' actual relationship to the...