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You know what happens after a Salmon struggles and struggles to swim upstream? It dies. Maybe it's better to go with the flow.


Life Cycle of the Salmon - Mini Unit with Craftivity

This unit is a fun science pack, all about salmon. These activities are differentiated, so that they can be used in 1st – 3rd grade. There are two complete sets, so that you can choose between a color or a black & white version. Posters, craftivity, worksheets and puzzles.


2017 Trinity River Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Report, map and Hunting Areas: 2017 Trinity River Steelhead and Salmon Fishing Re...

Salmon Unit

$This salmon unit contains 20 highly engaging and interactive activities including: a make your own salmon life cycle board game, a variety of cutting and pasting activities, and an end of unit quiz. The learning outcomes of this unit are: To understand the life cycle of a salmon. To label the parts of the salmon. To gain an understanding about the various threats to salmon and their habitats including: over fishing, global warming, pollution and destruction of habitat.


Salmon Unit



Master Baiter (FISHING HUMOR)

I think this looks like "back-up at the buffet line" (!!) but it's actually "Alaska Fishing Report: Bears will give you exact report about fishery in Alaska!"