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Tell Mike it was only business. I always liked him. Salvatore Tessio ( 1921-2016)

February 24, 1921 to January 26, 2016 Abe Vigoda played mobster traitor Salvatore Tessio in The Godfather and Detective Phil Fish in the 1970s cop sitcom Barney Miller.

ABE VIGODA passed away today at age 94. He is best remembered as Tessio from the Godfather part I and II. I really liked him when he would occasionally appear on Conan O'Brien in the early 2000s. RIP sir.


El legendario actor de Hollywood Abe Vigoda, conocido por su papel de Salvatore Tessio, en la película ‘El Padrino' (1972), de Francis Ford Coppola, personaje de quien continuó haciendo la voz en videojuegos del filme hasta 2007.

Muere Abe Vigoda, el Salvatore Tessio de 'El Padrino' El actor estadounidense tenía 94 años y era conocido por su papel en la legendaria saga de Francis Ford Coppola