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This is the reason why supernatural has lasted so long, it gives the viewers feelings that go above and beyond than what any other show does.


#zgallerie Faux Chinchilla Throw $149.95 – This luxurious Aquamarine throw reminds me of Mia’s soft fur, and its color of her gorgeous eyes. Of course, as a representative of the animal kingdom, Mia appreciates the fact that the fur is faux.

from MTV News

'Supernatural': 11 Times Sam Lost His Shirt For Basically No Reason

Here are 11 of Sam's most glorious shirtless moments from "Supernatural" in chronological order, because this is a serious and scholarly examination that is being conducted for science and also reasons.


"His fellow hobbits were part of extremely well thought of upper class families. Aragorn and Boromir were descendants of Kings. Legolas is a prince. Gimli is one of Durin’s Folk. Gandalf is one of the Istari, representing the mighty Vala. Sam was just a gardener... yet he became perhaps, one of the most important and bravest of them all." - I love Sam.