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Sam Heughan

2 hours ago

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He’s Scottish. | Community Post: 20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

  • Laura Kirkham-Buchthal

    I watched the videos of several other contenders, primarily Gerard Butler and Chris Hemsworth. They both absolutely did not bring what Sam Heughan brings to this character. Butler was serious and kind of dark (even though eyes to die for). Chris Hemsworth just looked too southern California surfer boy. Neither brought the wonderful combination of bravery, humour, kindness and respect that Heughan embodies in the role of James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Frazer.

  • Robyn Stone

    Hahahaha!! Ms DoubL - yes, indeed! Angela Williams - agreed!! Loves me some Scots. *sigh*

  • Angela Williams

    Lol! Toats agree! distraught that we have to wait till April 2015 to see him again :'( was just getting good.

  • Shirlene Mais

    Absolutely Ms DoubL!

  • Ms DoubL

    I don't need 20 reasons. 1: his face, 2: his ass

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5 Things to Know About Outlander Star Sam Heughan

In the words of Diana Gabaldon, Sam Heughan in the role of Jamie Frasier has it ALL: patience, seriousness, annoyance, patience, humor, menace, humor, and…enough sex to drop anyone with functioning ovaries in their tracks. #bestquoteever

3. Sam Heughan Is the Hottest Nerd Ever. from 16 Fascinating Facts About Outlander | E! Online

I always thought Heath Ledger was going to be Jamie. This is a tribute to Heath, not a slam.

He says "sassenach" sexier than any other person alive. | 20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

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Sam Heughan, Scottish actor sam-heughan-just-jared-spotlight-01

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Sam Heughan as highlander "Jamie Fraser". 1743. Outlander TV series, D. Gabaldon. By Ronald D. Moore.

  • Ann Murphy

    Just trying to get this little tidbit out there. Has anyone recalled the name of the local smith who let Ian stay in his cow byte in Written In My Own Heart's Blood?..........Heughan! Do you think DG was still in the final stages of writing the book when Sam Heughan was cast as Jamie?

The ‘Outlander’ Wedding — Official photos from Episode 107 “The Wedding” Sam Heughan, "Jamie Fraser"

Holy lord... I think I stopped breathing

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Some Like It Scot | Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser in Outlander on Starz

Want to know 7 GREAT facts about Outlander's heartthrob Sam Heughan?! Then you've got to check this out!

'Outlander' Season 1 - Sam Heughan as Jamie. Ohhh myyyyyy.

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Outlander Interview | Video

'Kilted' Sam Heughan

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Stylized mock wedding: Sam Heughan marries Jessica Rabbit. Turns out to be a gorgeously glamorous and rustic wedding | The Frosted Petticoat #outlander #jamiefraser #samheughan

Sam Heughan -- You're welcome, lassies. Soon to be Jamie Fraser. Lord have mercy.

Sam Heughan. Holy crap. He's stunning.....

20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

Speak Outlander Lesson 7: Je Suis Prest with Sam Heughan (+playlist) <-- Jesus H. Roosevelt Christ! When this man speaks... *THUD*! I am certain Sam Heughan will be the death of me! The people at Starz KNEW what they were doing when they asked Sam Heughan to present this video (and what it would do to the fans)! THEY KNEW!

Sam Heughan. | The Official Ranking Of The 21 Hottest Scottish Men In Hollywood

He and Caitriona Balfe really like one another. | 20 Verra Verra Braw Reasons Why Sam Heughan Is The Perfect Jamie Fraser

Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser! "A Highlander in full regalia is an impressive sight", indeed! :-)

  • Lori Yadon

    Watching first season on Starz...... catching up! I love it!!! Can not wait for season 2!!!

  • Stacey Moore

    Can't wait for April 4th. >.<!

  • Lola Loren

    I have to say having seen it...I love it! They did great. What do you ladies think?

  • Stacey Moore

    I never read the books but I was hooked to the show after 18 minutes lol it sooo amazing and just Jamie and dougal are both sexy!!! Omg. Can't wait for more. Watching episode 7 today.

  • Emylee Gussler

    Yes there isn't the same height difference between Jamie and Claire as there is the book. However Claire and Jamie are both described as being taller than average in the books and with her being 5'10" and him 6'3" they certainly are taller than average. I think the compliment each other well even if her nose doesn't hit the center of his chest. I love the book and so far I love the show...even if the show is not fully true to the book.

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