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Sam Riley - Another suggestion by Mom

from Issuu

Little White Lies 13 - The Control Issue #ClippedOnIssuu

Sam Riley. Yeah, it's the freaking raven in Maleficent that is my second favorite character! Maleficent is my absolute favorite, and the Prince just had too much of a baby face for me.


(FC; Sam Riley) The nickname's D. Im a superhuman, but I prefer to not use my powers. They suck anyways. I mean, who need the ability to talk to squirrels? I have some other powers, too, but I really am useless. But put a gun in my hand and watch me be deadly. If I go down, it'll be in a rain of bullets and with as many people that I can.


Open w/ Fitz) I'm bored okay?) I sit there after yet another nightmare. I was sweating and breathing hard. I had gotten out a glass of water and was taking a sip. I hear you sit across from me and I don't say anything,"What's wrong?" You ask."Nothing, I'm fine" I tell you and I knew you didn't believe me