Sam Riley. Yeah, it's the freaking raven in Maleficent that is my second favorite character! Maleficent is my absolute favorite, and the Prince just had too much of a baby face for me.

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(FC; Sam Riley) The nickname's D. Im a superhuman, but I prefer to not use my powers. They suck anyways. I mean, who need the ability to talk to squirrels? I have some other powers, too, but I really am useless. But put a gun in my hand and watch me be deadly. If I go down, it'll be in a rain of bullets and with as many people that I can.

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i watched "control" yesterday and am now slightly (very) obsessed with sam riley. gaunt and british, check!

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Nai'zyy Sam Riley - Actor. Sam Riley - 'Control'Gala Screening okay I absolute love him in Maleficent

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*english accent* Hi I am FitzWillaim Darcy and well I tend to hide weapons that i stole from overseers yea I get whipped alot but it doesnt stop me i wont let it my fear is well Clautophobia the fear of small spaces I am not a people person i tend to be mean but im really nice when you get to know me anyway I better be off

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