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Samba Server

Turn your raspberry Pi into a NAS or also known as a Samba server. This will allow you to share files and folders across a local network!


Build a Raspberry Pi NAS in this easy to follow tutorial. Have all your movies, music, documents located on network attached storage for everyone to access.


Linux Samba Server Administration (Craig Hunt Linux Library) (Paperback) 0782127401


Linux Samba Server Administration ( Craig Hunt Linux Library) (Paperback)


3.5" LanDisk, IDE to USB / RJ45, NAS, FTP / SAMBA Server by Mapower. $34.99. The Mapower KC31NU2 is a NAS enclosure that can be set up as a FTP server, SAMBA server or a normal external hard drive. Share your files across a network or the internet. This enclosure contains an internal IDE to USB 2.0 or RJ45 (network port), 4 LEDs lights to monitor operating status and can support up to 750GB Hard drive in FAT32 format only (formatting software included). This e...

Microsoft Vulnerability Researcher disclosed an inoffensive but can be potentially exploited vulnerability in Samba Server, officially announced by Samba.