Sambar Buck Deer: In India, the sambar can comprise up to nearly 60% of the prey selected by the Bengal tiger. Anecdotally, the tiger is said to even mimic the call of the sambar to deceive it while hunting.." #Deer #India

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Sambar is Asia's largest deer and weighs 225-320 kg with a shoulder height of 150 cm. Description from I searched for this on

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2. TEF Deer* 4. Mouse Deer*** 5. Moose (European Elk) 6. Fallow Deer 7. Whitetail Deer 8. Pudú 9. Pronghorn 10. Reindeer/caribou 11. Red Deer 12. Roe Deer 13. Mule Deer 14. Muntjac**** 15. Megaloceros giganteus/Irish Elk 16. Shika 17. Elk 18. Marsh Deer 19. Blackbuck 20. Greater Kudu 21. Lesser Kudu 22. Gerenuk 23. Thomson's Gazelle 24. Blue Wildebeest/Gnu 25. Saiga antelope 26. Eld's Deer 27. Hog Deer 28. Pampas Deer 29. Sambar Deer 30. Bighorn

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pin 1 | Sri Lanakn Samba Deer @ Horton Plains National Park | From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sri Lankan sambar deer (Rusa unicolor unicolor) is a sub-species of sambar deer that lives in Sri Lanka. This subspecies is one of the largest sambar deer species with the largest antlers both in size and in body proportions. Large males weight up to 270–280 kg. Sri Lankan sambar live in lowland dry forests and mountain forests. Large herds of sambar deer roam the Horton…

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