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Tricky Homophones (Very important and useful list) Words that are pronounced the same but are spelled differently and have different meanings. Follow the list;

REALITY is a difficult word to define because there really isn't any such thing. What we mean by that is that there is no single reality here or anywhere else. There are as many different realities on this planet as there are people alive to create them all. And what passes for global reality is merely a group consensus on a few minor points. The reality that you live is nothing more than an audiovisual demonstration of where your attention is. The universe presumes your attention is on what…

Workshops4girls In our ideal world, girls are (fill in the blank). My poster has words that help define the true meaning of girls. We’re not just labeled as girls. Girls are ordinary, strong, brave, dedicated, etc.. We all have different stories but in reality girls are the same. Girls let males dominate them but we need to be strong and fight our own battles. Girls are afraid to be in their own skin based on how they look. Girls are perfect just the way they are.

Try different words instead of using same words. #Englishlabs will help you to learn new words with same meaning. #spokenEnglishClasses #SpokenEnglishtrainingchennai

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Multiple Meaning Words - Matching Game


"Shades of Vocabulary" -- I think that this is a great way for kids to understand similar meanings of words! Being able to see the different words and can associate them with the same "color" or word will help them to remember that, when it comes down to it, it all means the same thing! And you can totally make this for free which is even better! -Maggie Smith 2/1/13