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samoas cupcakes - These look soooo good! My daughter (and I) made this this weekend. The recipe doesn't state how many it makes - we made 2 dozen cupcakes, probably could have stretched it to a few more. It makes TONS of icing, more than enough for 2 dozen, and way more toasted coconut than we'd ever need. BUT - they taste wonderful!


Easy Samoa Cupcakes

SUPER EASY Samoa Cupcakes topped with brown sugar frosting, toasted coconut, chocolate drizzle and a Samoa Cookie! #yumminess #cupcake #recipes

from Samoa Cupcakes

Samoa Cupcakes

Samoa Cupcakes * I saw these at a bakery the other day and now I have found the recipe... so much more fun than 2.25/cupcake. Page also has other girlscout cupcake recipes.