Samoan Men

WWE's Roman likey Samoans. Especially when they look like Roman Reigns.


Cutting some fresh banana's. Samoan men in sarongs ♥

Sasaki: Samoan Men

samoan men - oh my goodness

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Tatau Dance (via ranginui85) the Samoans have have strong tradition of dance, song and celebration where the men take a principle role...

On a completely unrelated topic his curl pattern is killing it.

Samoan - pictured is The Rock, Dwayne Johnson

Samoan Hand Painted Converse All Star Polynesian by SamoanSole

Please let a man come into my life that looks like him

So not actually MY ancestors but totally appreciate the beauty of Native Samoan Men just the same :)

Samoan men ;)

Yeah, Samoan men are definitely hot! i plan too date at least one in my lifetime (:

Two Samoan men, their abs are AMAZING!!!!!

Samoan Warriors - National Rugby League stars from the Pacific Islands in their island's traditional warrior dress. Photo: Frank Puletua/Ethan Mann

Ezra Taylor in new Sexy Samoan Men Calendar

Polynesian Samoan Men - Bing Images

The Rock’s cousin Roman… those Samoan men are so fine!!! That smile

I don't always like super muscular men but when I do it's Dwayne Johnson. Thank that Samoan and African ancestry, haha.

Sasaki: Samoan Men

samoan men

I ♥ Samoan men!

Beautiful Polynesian men

Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson....are all Samoan men this fine?