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from Laughing Squid

Waffle the Kenyan Sand Boa Playfully Peeks His Head Out While Checking Out His New Sandbox

Jenny Gaines recently shared footage of her cute Kenyan sand boa slithering into his new miniature sandbox and then playfully poking his head out of the sand. via reddit

What better way to keep your kids occupied for hours – oh the pain when you accidentally jab your toe with the spade though!

A Dry river bed instead of a traditional sand pit. Large and smaller river rock lining a sand river with tree stumps, ferns and toys Sandbox Digger Toy Backhoe for Snow, Sand, Beach, Dirt, A Durable Metal Outdoor Ride-on Excavator Toy for ages 3 and up (Blue): Toys & Games

Rabbit digging box! Great for bunnies that like to dig carpet or participate in other sorts of bunstruction. Easy to store and fun for buns! DIY sandbox and rabbit toy