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A grief-stricken Sally wants her Aunts to bring her deceased husband, Michael, back to life using the dark section of the Book of Shadows.


Forgotten Celeb Couples of the '90s

Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock: Co-stars in the 1996 flick "A Time to Kill," Matthew McConaughey and Sandra Bullock were very quiet about their romance, with Bullock always claiming they were friends. After the fact, she admitted that calling them just friends would be a lie.


Premonition (2007) Housewife Linda Hanson (Sandra Bullock) is devastated when her husband (Julian McMahon) dies suddenly in a car crash. But when he reappears the next day as if nothing had ever happened, she realizes the tragedy might have just been a premonition. The question now is, can Linda prevent the horrible event from happening again, or is she powerless to redirect fate? Amber Valletta and Nia Long also star.


Sandra Bullock...She is the perfect example of being a peace keeper under fire. She had every reason to speak out and tell the truth about the affair of her husband. But no she kept quite and showed such strenght.

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How-To: Sandra Bullock's Tousled and Teased Ponytail

Sandra Bullock is looking mighty fine these days. Did you catch her bright-eyed makeup at the MTV Movie Awards? I'm particularly digging the actress's slightly messy, voluminous ponytail, which she wore to the Los Angeles premiere of her new film, The