The jacket known as the Carmagnole is said to have been worn during the French Revolution by the Sans-culottes, workers, tradesmen and a few members of the Convention. The name is taken from La Carmagnole, a Revolutionary song and dance that originated in the Marseille region. The song was composed in 1792, probably after the taking of the Tuileries palace on 10 August. Espoused by the Sans-culottes, the song, the dance and the jacket are all associated with the radical working-class…

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Bonnet Rouge (Phrygian Cap): A symbol of freedom since Roman times, a phrygian cap was given to a newly freed slave by his or her master to depict newfound freedom.

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Unité et indivisibilité de la République, liberty, equality, brotherhood, or death. French Revolution, enlightenment ideals.

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Los pantalones de la edad contemporánea surgen a partir de la Revolución Francesa (los sans culottes los implantaron como signo de abolición del antiguo régimen) pero no se hicieron populares sino a partir de 1815 aproximadamente, aunque las calzas aguantaron hasta muy entrada la mitad de la década 1820, en las clases altas.

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