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Asuna (Yuuki Asuna), Kirito (Kazuto), Leafa (Suguha) & Yui (IA) - By Sword Art Online ღ

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Asuna x Kirito First kiss, Last kiss in game world(SAO), and first kiss in real world!

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Sword Art Online Inspired (SAO) Keep Calm Print (11"x17")

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Different Kirito's, ALO and SAO are out but GGO is from Sword Art Online's second season which just came out.

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"No matter what happens, my heart will be forever yours. Until the day that I will see you again.."

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Oh my fucking universe!! Give me the black one and you will be a duo fighter with me! " Okay Mabel!" *stands for a while and finds out what just happened. " Oh my god!" "what's it Mabel?" " You just gave me your sword!" "Yeah what is wrong with that?" "nothing but Kirito?" "yeah?" "LET ME LOVE YOU TILL YOU DIE!"

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