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The Saran Wrap Ball Game Rules and Ideas

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Saran Wrap Ball Game! Fun Party Game Idea For Kids Or Adults

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Our Christmas Game this year, filled with Prizes with the special gift in the Center. Consist of Packing Tape, Saran Wrap, Gift wrap, plastic grocery bags and funny notes inside, topped with a bow and string ribbon tied all around the outside. May the odds be in your favor!

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Plastic Wrap Christmas: Big Kid Fun. Way more fun than stockings! Use gift cards, $5 bills, batteries, kitchen utensils, treats, hand sanitizer, expensive spices, etc. at the end people could barter/trade. Make it into a game!!!! Anything you want.

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Have You Heard Of The Saran Wrap Candy Ball Game?

The Saran Wrap Candy Ball Game is one of those unique party games kids and adults will both love. Learn how to play the saran wrap Christmas ball game here.

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Saran Wrap Ball Game! Fun Party Game Idea For Kids Or Adults

Saran wrap ball game idea! Fun party game idea for kids or adults. How to play and how to make a saran wrap ball.

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This Saran Wrap Christmas Party Game Is A Ball Of Fun

Could be a super cool night before christmas game. With a HUGE ball. We did it last year and had a BLAST. Everyone got so worked up it was hillarious. Make sure to throw some lottery tickets in.

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