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Saraz 19

This girl is my hero. She is amazing and should continue with her banned-book library! I am applauding right now.

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I heard the little Mario dodododododo sound in my head when I saw this.

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19" Saraz shell after hammer shaping

The First 19" Saraz Handpan - G Minor 10

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Saraz 19" diameter bottom shell tuning. First we tune 3 tones into the port. We do that part in our laps outside of the tuning stand because the port fundamental is easier to hear and tune. The port fundamemtal drops almost the exact same amount when glued or when bolted down in the tuning stand. This has to be accounted for in tuning it sharp. Once the port is tuned, the shell goes in the tuning stand for bottom note tuning.

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F#/ C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, C# Another new scale for us on a 19" diameter Saraz: F# Mixolydian. I don't believe I have ever heard this scale on any handpan. Mixolydian scales have a special place in my heart. Flattening the major 7th is a nice transition from sugar sweet dreaminess to motivated seduction. Looking forward to extending this scale with a low A# on the bottom shell one day.

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21" and 19" Saraz Handpans

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19" internal diameter rings retrofitted for "Big Mo". We use these for sinking and fine shaping.

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