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DIY Super Easy Ruffle Wreath Supplies: 1 skein Boutique Sashay Yarn ...I used golden metallic and ruby metallic for the two pictured...... Wire coat hanger wire cutters pliers Instructions: Cut wire coat hanger to the length you want. Thread the yarn into the wire ...I used every third hole. When finished bend a loop into the end if the wire on one end. Thread the other end into the loop and bend that into a loop to close. Fluff yarn ruffles how you want it. You could add a poinsettia…


Treat your sofa or favorite chair to a ruffled pillow. You’ve probably made a scarf with this beautiful yarn— so now have fun using it to knit a unique home accent.


Ravelry: Sophias Shawl pattern by Margaret Zellner: This shawl is similar to the Kelp Forest Shawlette but it is a half-circle, not a circle. Starting from the neck, the rows are made by crocheting the thin edge into the wide edge. The tricky part is turning at the end of each row. To do this, fold the yarn under at 45° and slip stitch across to the wide edge. The pattern includes detailed photos.


Who can resist a ruffle bum??! I had a ball of Sashay yarn kicking around and wanted to make something that would be irresistible in newborn photos, so the Sashay Diaper Cover was born! If you have never worked with the Sashay yarn, do not fear - I have included many photos on how to attach it to your project, as well as some video suggestions in case you get stuck. $4.99CAD


I made this in about 30 minutes. I needed a gift really quick. Chain entire skein of Red Heart Sashay. Find center of chain. Place center at back of neck and wrap, alternating sides leaving about 2 ft at each end. Wrap around all chains on each...