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Saskatchewan Immigration

Canola Field, Canada Saskatchewan beauty at its finest. Even more breathtaking in person.


Settlers from the United States crossing the western Canadain prairies, heading for the wheat fields. Saskatchewan Archives Board R-B9806/Library and Archives Canada


African American settlers in Oklahoma. Believe me,they are very prosperous for those days (white or black).She has a beautiful dress, he has a suit and the children are very well dressed.If you check out other pioneer pictures you will see by comparison, how well to do they are. And they had the money to pay a traveling photographer. Biddy Craft


Built in 1895, this grain elevator in Fleming, Saskatchewan is the oldest existing elevator in western Canada.David McLennan Till in burnt down in 2010.


My New Home ~ The Canadian Government's pamphlet promoting the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, to new immigrants and settlers. circa 1922 ~ Photo reproduction by...Glen Bow Museum


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Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Its landscape of lakes and rivers, mountains, and prairies stretch from northern Arctic tundra to Hudson Bay in the east and southern farmland. XIPHIAS Immigration Pvt Ltd is an Indian Immigration Company specializing in the immigration process. XIPHIAS Immigration has a team of expert ICCRC , CRCIC , MARA registered consultants who do Assessment of the profile thoroughly before accepting the PR…