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Silver plate (partially gilded) with the Sasanian king hunting wild boar. 4th century CE. Hermitage Museum

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Dish: Sassanian Iran. The Sassanian Empire or Sassanid Persian Empire also spelled Sasanid or Sasanian), known to its inhabitants as Ērānshahr and Ērān in Middle Persian and resulting in the New Persian terms Iranshahr and Iran, was the last pre-Islamic Iranian Empire, ruled by the Sasanian Dynasty from 224 CE to 651 CE.

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Gilded silver ewer with dancing women; Sassanian period; 5th - 6th century A.D. In the collection of the Reza Abbasi Museum, Tehran.

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بشقاب عهد ساسانیان Silver gilded plate with a Sassanid Prince Miho Museum,Japan

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