I don't hate anyone but for a strongly disliked someone this would be perfect haha

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{GIF} I think in interviews from here on out we need to watch Louis' facial expressions when an interview asks a question we know is stupid

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(CLICK FOR MORE) Well, somebody’s not happy… | Benedict Cumberbatch VS Louis Tomlinson (SASS MATCH)

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This is why I LOVE Louis make that 60+ awards in over 30 countries now

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Louis please never change <<< liam probably almost fell and was upset and apologized to everyone afterwards and then even made sure louis was ok

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Alex:: Drew was studying with Lucas today so I decided to study with Johnnie. "Johnnie Staaahhhhppp!" I reach over him as he takes my pencil. Johnnie laughs. "Aw come on, Alex! You're so close!" he says. I reach over my, my breast practically in his face. Johnnie blushes a bit then sees Louis doing this {the gif} "Shit" he mutters and hands back my pencil.

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Yep. That's the Sassmaster. He doesn't look enthusiastic at all. And then you see him in his real state....Haha look at Niall! He's looking at Lou like, "Dude.."

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