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I have been quizzing my son with the Princeton 100 this summer and will use it in my class in the fall. Great list of SAT vocabulary words!

62 - PrepFactory offers free ACT and SAT review activities. When students sign into PrepFactory they are asked to identify which exam they are preparing to take.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Rational and Irrational Word Problems Worksheet (HSPA and SAT Review)

Rational and irrational numbers Worksheet 20 word problems, with the answer key (HSPA and SAT Review) These Quizzes have between 4 and 7 questio...

from Teachers Pay Teachers

English Standardized Test Powerpoint

This powerpoint has 126 slides of tips, questions, and descriptions of common areas covered on an English standardized test. I have taught ACT and other standardized test prep for a decade. This power point combines my experience and knowledge into a powerpoint that covers common problem areas during student prep.


Dr. Steve Warner - The 32 Most Effective SAT Math Strategies. Available on Amazon:


Learn how to rapidly do Math calculations in your head! Perfect for students in algebra, geometry, calculus, or any math course. Also great to get an edge in business or in the workplace. Also very helpful for students taking the GRE, SAT, LSAT, MCAT, and other standardized tests. Free yourself from using calculators and iphone applications to do basic math. Impress your friends with your mental math abilities!


Here are 10 pages of practice worksheets that make great Reviews, Quizzes, or Bellringers. Answer keys are included. 8 multiple choice questions per worksheet. These are some of the most challenging SAT/ACT terms. Courtesy of and The Ultimate SAT WordShop


Basic Trigonometry Excellent review for high school math courses, the SAT math section, and the ACT math section.