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Prt. 2 On August 1991, several Soviet hardliners tried to overthrow Gorbachev, but were thwarted by Boris Yeltsin and Russian protesters. The USSR was formally dissolved on 26th December 1991.Though, the irony is that the uneven economic development today has led to discontent with the present system and some nostalgia for the past greatness of the Soviet Union. So although Ivan killed this part of him, it’s still somewhere inside his head.

from Mission Galactic Freedom

20 Facts about the 13000 YEAR OLD Black Knight Satellite

Despite international cooperation since the Cold War eased - No country declare to know anything about this anomaly in orbit around our planet ( Some state it is an alien probe that was abandoned thousands of years ago after a reconnaissance mission by aliens ? As ancient paintings and sculptures constantly refer to 'light beings' in the skies - and depict star system details that simply were not possible for humans of that time period to know as no telescope existed to know such details ✅


1941: Children in the Stara Gradiska concentration camp dying of slow starvation. The government of the satellite state of Croatia ordered caustic soda to ...


NYC. Manhattan Island photographed by the ISERV camera on the International Space Station, August 25th 2013.


Tasmania. "Anthony van Dieman, Governor General of the Dutch East Indies Company, organized in 1642 a grand expedition that would map 'the remaining unknown part of the terrestrial globe.' Abel Tasman, its commander...missed it completely. Tasman's two vessels...sailed right past Australia without once glimpsing its mainland; his course had been too far south. The only part of the country he touched was an island...which he named for his patron: Van Dieman's Land." It was renamed for Tasman.