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Ray Charles - "Hit the Road Jack" on Saturday Live 1996...Oh, The Great Ray Charles..What A Sound & I'm Thankful I Was Educated In Ray's Brilliance Early On....What A Great Performance...What A Legend!!

CBS TV show The Secrets of Isis (also called simply Isis) starred JoAnna Cameron as Andrea Thomas, a high school science teacher who found an ancient mystical amulet on an archeological dig in Egypt. The amulet belonged to Hatshepsut, an ancient Egyptian Queen and it gave the wearer the powers of Isis. Whenever Isis was needed, Andrea would reveal the amulet and recite an incantation ("O Mighty Isis!") and she would be transformed into the goddess Isis. - wikipedia


You are not living life right if you do not get just a little bit nervous every time you hear a police siren.