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Savannah Cats. The largest domesticated cat. A domesticated cat that has been breed with a wild Serval cat. Stands to about 4.5 feet tall.

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18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

Top 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds. Breeding cats, while so many strays die. Currently arguing with a jerk on facebook about this.

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Savannah Cat Breeders Savannah Cats For Sale Savannah Cat Breeder. I so want one.

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savannah cat | Savannah Cat Breeder here to find out more

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World's Tallest Pet Cat - MAGIC - a female F1 Savannah Cat - probably the most awesome you will see.

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10 Legal Small Exotic Cats That Are Kept As Pets

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Savannah Cat - a cross between a Serval and a domestic cat.. basically like having your own wild kitty :)

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