"Every day is Earth Day." by Patrick McDonnell http://muttscomics.com/ #Cartoon #Earth_Day

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I pledge allegiance to the earth of our beloved solar system and to all of her creatures for here they dwell one planet united in harmony with universal love and compassion for all | Inspiring Quotes | Words of Wisdom | Earth Day

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The ocean is slowly dying because of us, and the ocean's sea creatures suffer because of us! What can YOU do that will make me change these words into something good? Remember to always throw away your trash, pick up trash, and bring NO PLASTIC to the beach! All these little things can help save a sea creature's life! Everyone can be a wildlife hero even if you do these little things! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, for all the wildlife news, facts, and pictures!

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Earth ~ and we ALL need to take care of it! J.J. -This Planet was not "created " for us Humans, we evolved from it !

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