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TO BE DESTROYED 11/22/2016 A volunteer writes: At a little over a year old, Damian is still a pup with a bit of that rambunctious and playful puppy energy! :) Damian's playfulness and curiosity is infectious-- he loves to play tug of war almost as much as he likes climbing into your lap and covering you in doggy kisses! Damian seems housetrained but he will need a little bit of basic training on his leash skills-- he sometimes gets so happy to see people that he jumps up onto them to say…


I cried so much when I saw that cause being the biggest Ziall shipper and seeing this made my heart melt. Zayn looked at Niall as if he never expected Niall to say hi to him after everything :(

from Macys

Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Huron Block-Heel Booties

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Say hi! Panda cubs wave, relax in adorable pics