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TtDW Loki....that is all. The theater was full of people who either gasped or looked appalled, and I threw my hands up and cheered like a crazy person, then pranced around the aisle afterward doing a happy dance. Everyone thought I was insane, and I was totally okay with that, lol


I don't really care for the facts, because eyes CAN change colour depending on the mood. My friend has blue eyes that go dark green when he is sad or angry. No amount of science can fell me that I am wrong in seeing that. And I am studying to be a scientist.


that happens to me all the time!!

25 Most Luxurious Hotels Worth the Money Where are you destroya? (Ok sorry Im trash)


Lulz. Amature. If someone bumps into me I'll say "it's all good" but in my mind I'm like "this bitch is going to die. How can I kill them slowly? Acid? No... Slowly strip off their flesh... Maybe." I go all out serial killer on a bitch okay?