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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 25 Pics

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 24 Pics

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Scampi-Style Steak & Scallops

Skip the crowded restaurant scene and make this Scampi-Style Steak & Scallops recipe part of your sweetheart dinner this Valentine's Day. Ready in about 30 minutes, every bites says, "You're worth it."

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Funny Pictures Of The Day – 37 Pics

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Yes my dear sweet amazing love of my life, my soul mate, my EVERYTHING!!! When I say "I LOVE YOU", I am saying so much much more than I can ever explain or describe!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!! Apart from you..I am empty and nothing!!! I love you so much!! <3

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Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day – 26 Pics

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The Universe is working on a miracle for you right now.

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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange says the Obama administration is destroying public records in the final days in office. Just days ago, Assange offered a $30,000 reward to any administration employee who would publicly expose any official disposing of information. During a Periscope press conference on Monday, Assange said the most important thing for Americans to do is to ensure Obama is not destroying those records. “Past administrations of both Republican and Democratic players have…

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Degrog flux has not been established after YOGA

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