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Scalene Triangle Definition

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Here's a set of vocabulary designed for use with Grade 3, Unit 4 of Math Expressions. The words include: parallel, perpendicular, line of symmetry, congruent, diagonal, right angle, right triangle, vertex, angle obtuse angle, acute angle, straight angle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle, ray, scalene triangle, isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, polygon, and degree.


This simple math quiz is suitable for grades 4 & 5 or any pre-geometry students. Students will read a geometry term and match it to its correct definition.Terms included in this quiz:* congruent* right angle* obtuse angle* acute angle* equilateral triangle* scalene triangle* isosceles triangle


Pull the points of a triangle to see if you made a scalene, equilateral or right triangle

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Triangles (Foldable)

$1.50 Triangles (Foldable) This foldable includes six tabs, classifying triangles as follows: -Acute -Right -Obtuse -Equilateral -Isosceles -Scalene I have students write the definition on the tab and mark each of the triangles using appropriate slashes, arcs, and right angle indicators.

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Triangle Sort

This fun and differentiated sorting activity helps students understand the difference between acute, right, obtuse, equilateral, scalene and isosceles triangles.Included in this activity are:-Headings for acute, right, obtuse, equilateral, scalene, and isosceles-Also includes 9 headings for combination triangles (acute scalene, obtuse isosceles, etc).-Definition cards for all headings-24 sorting cards -Answer key-Teaching tips-Student recording sheet.

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Geometry Bingo

Geometry Bingo acute, obtuse, right angle straight parallel lines perpendicular lines corresponding angles acute triangle right triangle obtuse triangle equilateral triangle isosceles triangle scalene triangle quadrilateral parallelogram trapezoid rectangle rhombus square polygon regular polygon heptagon hexagon octagon pentagon similar polygons congruent polygons corresponding sides intersecting lines no need to buy, make your own with student choice