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Creating Bacon-Wrapped Scallops from a flavor standpoint is great & the process is actually beneficial to creating succulent, tender scallops on the grill.


Grilled Scallop And Orange Skewers

Check this out: Grilled Scallop And Orange Skewers.

So happy to find scallops on the shell and wild Argentine shrimps at the grocery store tonight. Scallops were poached in white wine on the grill and finished with a chilli garlic butter and cilantro. Shrimps were tossed in red pepper flakes, salt , pepper, lime juice and olive oil, grilled and topped with lime zest. All served with a lovely couscous, tomato, corn and jalapeno salad. @zimmysnook


Grilled Cedar Plank Salmon Plus 7 Fabulous Grilled Seafood Recipes to Make this Summer including these Grilled Wild Scallops with Avocado Puree- Using a grill pan keeps these scallops on the grill. Lightly seasoned and served over a fresh citrus avocado puree, this recipe is simple elegance.

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Grilled Scallops on Avocado Sauce

We love scallops but don't have them often. They're a wee bit expensive. But, as they are also a wee bit rich, one doesn't need a lot of them for a satisfying dish. The avocado sauce would work well with grilled shrimp or fish as well. Or pasta or burgers or.... For the other half of the avocado, simply put it cut side down on a plate and refrigerate. It will keep a day or two just fine. Grilled Scallops...