Scandinavian shot glasses

Scandinavian Shot Glasses Atlantic.. Made by Holmegaard.. Designed by Per Lutken, €52.50

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Vintage Decanter Scandinavian ? Shot Glasses Ewer Green Pitcher Marked Bar Ware

Consider it Ground Zero for Scandinavian Christmas decor. Every year Zetas Tradgard owners Richard and Victoria Skoglund transform the Stockholm garden shop into

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Scandinavian Ceviche * 1 grapefruit * 1/2 avocado * 4 ounces pre sliced gravlax (or smoked salmon) * 2 tbsp finely diced red onion

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Soapstone is a true whiskey drinkers best friend. Used for centuries by the Scandinavians it quickly and efficiently cools your drink in seconds to provide you with the best taste and smoothness possible. Much like the whiskey ice cube stones, these whiskey stone shot glasses are composed of the same natural occurring material that makes…

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The Viking era Jelling Cup, said to be used by Gorm the Old (bef. 900-c. 958 AD), the first historically authenticated King of Denmark and the first Viking ruler to tolerate Christianity. This silver chalice was found at Gorm's capital at Jelling, in Jylland, Denmark.

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SOLD GLASS ARCHIVES : Scandinavian Glass 2 : Set of Three Iittala (Finland) 'Kalinka' Shot Glasses designed by Tapio Wirkkala

Norwegian pewter shot glass

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