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Scar is the usurper and an awful cat, but he's just so cool that you can't help respecting him a little.

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14. Favorite Villian - Scar. There's not one bad guy that was hated as much as this one. He's cruel, selfish, and a criminal mastermind. I find it funny that I didn't notice the movie's comparison of him and Hitler until I was older. Well played Disney, well played.

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Day 6. Favorite Villain Song: "Be Prepared" from "The Lion King" – Like I mentioned on Day 1, I love this super catchy song, and it's a huge part of why Scar is my favorite villain!

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I always think Scar is one of my favorite Disney villians because of thise line. And then I remember he killed Mufasa and it all goes down the drain.

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Scar from The Lion King. I am so doing this for Halloween- And I'm teasing my black hair out like a lion's mane. This is my favourite movie ever, I'm SO excited

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