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Scared Definition

Prepared NOT Scared!: Day Keeper Heaps of really good printables! Definitely worth using some!

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In Photos: The Amazing Arachnids of the World

Arachnophobia persons will definitely scare their pants off. #Spiders #Arachnophobia

Norilsk - the Very Definition of Cold Hell - is a true "Wild East" Siberian town

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Roaring Twenties Flash Cards

Roaring Twenties Flash Cards • • Full Set of 58 vocabulary words/terms flash cards with definitions Terms include: • Capitalism • Red Scare • Charles Lindbergh • Installment Buying • Ohio Gang • Teapot Dome Scandal • Flapper • & more! ★ This flash card set is a great activity to use for review. I print out a few sets, laminate back to back and have the students use them for review before a test/exam. Or, you can have the students utilize them if they "finish early!"

PLINKO: You can adapt the game for ANY goal - this is an articulation, grammar & language version. The articulation version was made up of the following areas: rhyme (so great for vocalic /r/ - bear, chair, dare, scare, etc!), say 3, say 5, and sentence. The grammar version included, plurals, verbs, conjunctions and negation. The language version included synonyms, antonyms, definition, & compare/ contrast. You could make a post-it for ANY goal.

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Former Obama Aide David Plouffe Calls Donald Trump A 'Psychopath'

"I mean, he meets the clinical definition,” he said.


Teaching scares me but it's the amazing adrenaline that I have to see the sparkle in my student's eyes that makes it all worth it. It's my calling and I will use it to help create our future with the children to inspire them to chase their careers. It is a totally rewarding experience


Malcom In The Middle Bedroom Scare. Definitely one of my favorite episodes :P


That would definitely scare the shit out of me!