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Scared In Spanish

I thought it was time to introduce myself but I'm terrified of selfies so this is the semi creepy-ode-to-Adelle version instead. I met my husband in 8th grade Spanish class. I had a huge crush on him but he doesn't remember me (purple braces and a mushroom haircut... I wonder why?😉) We live in Utah and I spend most of my days with applesauce in my hair and cleaning play-doh out of the rugs while hanging out with our two boys. I'm scared of most things, but heights and public bathrooms…


Do you have scared, timid novice students packing your classroom? This is a great way to get novice students talking without giving them the full burden of spontaneous speech! I use this activity within the first two weeks of Spanish 1. You could also use this later in the year as a Brain Break activity, or even use it in higher level Spanish classes as an ice breaker or review.

Alex Aiono)) [[Hes Hispanic in this rp. so spanish is his native language and sometimes if she nervous or scared he speaks in spanish]] Hol- Hello! I am Alexander, but please call me Alex. I'm 17 and single. I love canta- I mean to sing and act. Introduce ?

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Star Castle

Star Castle is a fortress on St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, built in 1593 by Robert Adams, Surveyor of the Royal Works (d.1595) and Francis Godolphin, Captain of the Scilly Isles, during the "Spanish invasion scare."


Oak Tree -My brother Steve Smith took this shot. It appeared on pinterest from someone he does not even know. Pretty Cool!


Bonaventure Cemetery. Savannah...would love to see this. It is the setting for the book and movie, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, a dark, southern gothic novel that is dripping with character and rich settings, not to mention a compelling plot.